Hot, Sweaty, Intimate, Passionate, and Fun, every guy will enjoy some…

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Resources

…I’m talking about SO DIRTY that you both have to take a shower when you are done!  WHEW!!!!

No words can describe the feeling that you have after you and your son just finished playing a game of WWE Basketball!  That’s right Basketball that includes WWE Finishers while you drive to the basket (not sure where your mind was going…sorry to disappoint). 

Parents (especially dads), sometimes you have to let it all go, no matter how tired, no matter how long your day was, no matter how much you want him to focus on the fundamentals of basketball to prepare for his “SCHOLARSHIP” (that is at least 10 years away) and just have a little fun totally immersed in the world of a 9 year old!

It may not make sense, it may take every ounce of strength in your body and mental capacity in your brain, but the memories that it creates are priceless!

It does not get more intimate or passionate than completely allowing a 9 year old to take control of your life…if only for 60mins.  I promise, when you finish, you will be hot and sweaty, but you both would have had fun and you both will need to take a shower!  🙂

Original Mentor…Parenting is Intentional.


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